My First Mother’s Day: What Motherhood Means to Me

This post was supposed to be my first blog post ON MOTHER’S DAY but obviously that didn’t happen…#mummalife

Instead, I attempted to sleep in (who was I kidding), made a late breakfast and spent a quick 30 minutes baking these tasty treats for my mother-in-law before the days activities. They turned out exceptionally yummy, if I do say so myself…

Mothers Day Treat Authentic Mumma
Got 30 Minutes? Click Here For The Recipe!

Anyway, here it is – my first blog post. Hope you enjoy!

My First Mother’s Day: What Motherhood Means to Me

It feels different this time. No longer just about my wonderful mom or my amazing mother in law, or my beautiful mommy friends, but me…strangely me.

I find myself reflecting on my journey getting here, becoming a “mumma”. It’s not a simple journey and it takes on so many forms for those who are lucky enough to be called mom. It is beautiful, it is hard and so many things in between.

What is motherhood to me?

As a new momma, it’s a multitude of things…


He goes to work. Nearly every day. Friends no longer call so you resort to Facebook mom groups for a sense of belonging in this new isolation.


A constant state of comfortableness. Keeping baby comfortable requires this. Awkward feeding positions, sleeping positions, rocking, bending, lifting and carrying all night and all day.


Bone deep exhaustion. When baby’s up you’re up. When baby sleeps you’re up making sure baby is asleep, and HOW asleep she is, making plans for how much sleep you COULD get.


Guilt from things you do and don’t do. What you decide to do when baby is napping. Eat, shower, sleep or clean. No matter which you choose you’ll feel like you made the wrong choice. Maybe you should have slept instead of showered.


Isolation, uncomfortable-ness, bone deep exhaustion and guilt sprinkled with moments of sheer bliss. Your little human, now too big to fit back in your tummy is wrapped around you, breathing soft and warm into your ear.

This is my motherhood.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful mommy’s. You are strong yet gentle, tired yet ever vigilant and you know a love like no other. I’m so honored to be Rya’s Mumma and to have this day to celebrate with you.

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